Landscape design

The garden is a gift of destiny.
It is impossible to get used to it,
It cannot be remembered.

The first stage of the landscaping process is to develop a conceptual plan for the project, providing the client with a visual representation of ideas for each area of the site.

A Beautiful garden is not an accident,
It is the result of work of professionals.

The experts of our firm GARTDA have a long experience. They are landscape architects, designers and biologists. They are professionals in landscape gardening construction and protection of plants. They possess the skills to imagine and plan the dynamics of the appearance of a garden in the next five, seventeen or more years.  Above all they love nature and their work.

To achieve the best use of space, style, balance, structure and proportion and to translate your ideas into your dream garden, we believe a good garden design is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Keeping as much as possible the already available plants and the style of your manor, and taking into consideration the degree of the light exposure of your site and the condition of the soil layer, the architect will consider all your wishes and preferences: he can design paths, reservoirs, small architectural forms (garden architecture, rotundas, sculptures, summer houses, arches, benches, etc.) and systems of illumination and watering.



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