Our design service works seamlessly with our construction services. A construction plan outlining materials and location is developed at for the start of the build process. Our teams of experienced landscapers have a thorough understanding of the design and building process and approach problem-solving on site with a creative and positive attitude.

GARTDA has the ability to do the following in the construction phase:

  • Lawn installation – ordinary, sports lawn, roll-on, Mauritius, plastic lawn;
  • Construction of lanes and squares;
  • Construction of fences, hedges and support walls;
  • Installation of irrigation systems;
  • Lighting installation;
  • Creation of water reservoirs;
  • Reconstruction of ancient gardens;
  • Stone gardens and their construction;
  • Installation of roof gardens and terraces;
  • Planting and delivery of big plants;
  • Installation of children play and exercise grounds;
  • Formation of hedges;
  • Decoration of balconies, terraces, flower pots;
  • Winter gardens, indoor plant design;
  • Pest and disease control;
  • Consultations